Voice Lessons

Individual voice skills are based on muscle memory, which is an extension of speech. To become a “good” singer you must be able to breathe properly, sing with power (resonance) and sing on pitch. To become a “great” singer you’ll need to add musicality that only comes with incessant practice.

There are numerous persons within our world that absolutely love to sing and are excited by the proposal of training their voice. While there are vast and various distinguishing methods, demonstrations are a productive and safe style to train one’s vocals. Please note that these steps take quite some time and commitment. You may practice these techniques in your own time with further professional vocal training or for your own talent development to branch off into finding what works for you as an individual. Celebrate the gift of singing you have, as all of our voices are unique and beautiful in their own way. Enjoy your time practicing and training your voice.

In addition to classical training, vocal lessons can also cover jazz, reggae and pop styles, at the request of the student. The Bermuda School of Music also offers choir programmes for both children and adults.

Voice Faculty:

Joy Barnum

Jane Farge

Rachel Hardman


Programme Details:

Min. Age: 8


Adult Lessons: Available


Class Length: 30, 45 & 60 minutes


Class Times Available: Limited


Materials Needed: TBD


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