The Bermuda School of Music’s woodwind teachers make saxophone, flute and clarinet lessons fun!


Concentrating on music reading and basic improvisational skills (playing “by ear”), children learn to play simple songs incorporating basic melodies within the first month. Practice assignments given each week cover music from the classics to jazz and pop. With a bit of practice it won’t be long before they are ready to join a school band!


Adult students are accepted for clarinet, flute and saxophone lessons. From beginner to more advanced. The repertoire can cover anything from orchestral to jazz and pop styles, at the request of the student.


As of Term 1, we also offer a Saxophone Ensemble. Please email Kent Hayward for ensemble schedules.

Woodwinds Faculty:

Maurice Clarke

Rachel Hardman



Programme Details:


Min. Age: 8


Adult Lessons: Available


Class Length: 30, 45, 60 according to ability


Class Times Available: Various Times Available


Materials Needed: Instrument (can be rented or purchased)


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