Covid-19 Protocols & Updates

“Wearing the proper mask protects you and others”

In our current Covid-19 environment, we’d like to encourage everyone not to become too complacent with the safety protocols we have established at BSM to keep our students and staff safe.


In reference to masks, department of health approved masks such as:  disposable medical masks, commercial-grade N95 masks or double / multi layered cloth masks etc. are to be worn covering the nose and mouth upon entry of the building.


We have noticed a beginning trend for some to wear new glam masks.  If these masks are single layered, please add a filter or secondary mask to ensure everyone’s safety.


COVID-19 Waiver Form


Bermuda Government Face Mask Flyer


Department of Health Noted Stipulations for Reopening as of September 2020:

  1. The Bermuda School of Music is accessed through a stairwell and up one or two flights of stairs from the parking area.
  2. The school’s staff will wait for each student who will attend their session by appointment only. No two students should be arriving together or, if that occurs, one will be allowed up the stairs at a time.
  3. There is a hand sanitizing station on the wall at the entrance.
  4. Temperatures of both students and instructors/accompanists will be measured before entering the studio areas.
  5. Temperatures will be taken by Staff members or parent / student volunteers only.
  6. The layout of the space is a loop or circle. The hallway will be one-way. Orange, taped arrows have been placed on the carpeted floor leading students to the right, in order to access their studio and one-on-one session with their instructor.
  7. The orange arrows on the carpet continue around the loop, enabling each student to leave the school without encountering another student. At the end of the loop or circle, the main entrance is visible at the end of the hallway.

BSM Addition – Entry

  • Each teacher maintains an accurate attendance log for the students in their studio.
  • All main doors will remain open to avoid the need for touching and students are instructed wait to be admitted into the studios, only allowing the teacher to touch the door handles.
  • Only children and staff who are healthy, have not been exposed to an individual demonstrating COVID-19 symptoms etc. will be allowed admittance into the school.
  • Staff and students will be instructed to check their temperature daily.
  • Signage will be posted in visible areas to communicate the conditions for entry and the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 to be weary of.
  • Masks must be worn to gain admittance into the school.
  • Non-essential visitor access to the facility is denied.


Hand sanitizing:

  1. All students will sanitize their hands at the entrance before entering the school space.
  2. Instructors will ensure that studio doors are open to allow students to enter without touching a door handle/knob.
  3. All students will sanitize their hands before leaving the studio in which they had their class.
  4. All instructors will sanitize their hands at the entrance and before a student enters and after a student leaves, prior to the next student’s arrival.

BSM Addition -Hand Sanitizing

  • Students/parents will not touch the door upon entering. If the studio door is not open upon arrival, the student will wait until they are spotted through the glass to be admitted into the room by the teacher.
  • Students will only touch their instrument and other materials such as sheet music and pencils etc.
  • Upon entering the studio, the teacher will spray their hands with a Microcosmic Probiotic Power Multi-Surface Cleaner that will be available in each studio


1. First Floor Studios:

a. Each studio will accommodate one student unit and one instructor for a half-hour session, spaced apart by a minimum of 6 feet. If the instructor demonstrates on an instrument, such as a piano, the instructor will sanitize the keyboard before the student is allowed to use the keyboard, and vice versa.

b.There is a waiting area, but there will be no-one waiting, as all sessions are by appointment only, and each student will interact with only one instructor.
c. Only one parent/guardian will be allowed in a studio for special and specific educational purposes as outlined by the studio. The parent/guardian will have his/her temperature measured at the entrance when the child has his/her temperature measured. Parents will wear a face covering from the door leading from the parking area, up the stairs to the first floor, through the entrance, into the studio with the child, and keep it on until leaving the building at the parking area.
d. Additional children will not be allowed in the studio during the lesson.
e. Windows will be opened as often as possible. Air conditioners can be used to stir up stagnant air but must be fully cleaned once every three months.


2. Second Floor Studios
a. The studio dimensions and the 3 to 6-foot physical distancing protocol will determine the number of students that can be accommodated in a room.  
b. The Group Studio is large and can easily be used for students spaced apart by at least 3 – 6 feet. The steel pans can be used in classes, as long as the 3 to 6-foot physical distancing protocol measure is implemented.
c. Masks will be worn throughout the lesson.



  1. The school will limit bathroom use, but a bathroom is available for use, if needed.
  2. Staff will use a separate bathroom from students.



  1. Currently, the school uses the Microcosmic Probiotic Power formula for sanitizing but will switch to a 60%+ ethanol solution, when the Microcosmic product is used up.
  2. Bathrooms will be deep cleaned before classes resume each day.
  3. All studios will be deep cleaned before sessions resume each day.
  4. The carpeted floors must be vacuumed daily and steam-cleaned at least monthly.
  5. All frequently-touched hard surfaces will be cleaned between classes, before another student enters a studio.
  6. All frequently-touched hard surfaces will be deep cleaning before classes resume the next day.


BSM Addition – Cleaning

  • In preparation for a reopening the entire building has been given a deep cleaning including all surfaces.
  • The facility is professionally cleaned by Clean Co Cleaning Services every other day.
  • Every studio has a trashcan lined with plastic bag that is emptied every other day
  • All door handles are disinfected twice a day in addition to regular cleanings of individual studios.

1.  Music classes and activities involving choral singing and solo singing, voice projecting and playing wind instruments can be provided, with the aim of controlling aerosolized transmission and people sharing the same air, as follows:
2.  One-on-one, solo singing provided privately in a well-ventilated room: The student can wear a face shield and/or the instructor can stand 10 feet or more in front of the student.
3.  Private or music class choral singing with 2 – 6 students, in an auditorium-sized room with good ventilation, with students in a straight line and facing in the same direction. The instructor can stand 10 feet or more in front the students.

1.  Students can play wind/brass instruments as follows:
a) privately, in a large, well-ventilated room (i.e., at least that of a regular classroom – 20’x25’), using a clean bell cover to prevent aerosols from entering a room’s shared airspace.
b) in a well-ventilated classroom of at least 20’x25’, with 6 – 12 students spread apart by close to 6 feet and standing around the perimeter of the room, facing into the room; with the teacher wearing a face shield and face mask, standing at least 6 feet from the nearest student, not in the center of the room. Bell covers will be placed on all brass instruments. Recorders can be played in this configuration.
BSM Sick Policy

  • Teachers will have updated contact lists for the parents.
  • Students and staff who become ill while at the facility will be immediately sent home and directed to the website.


BSM Outbreak Response Plan

  • The Executive Director will head the Outbreak Response Team (ORT) assisted by the Business Manager and Office Administrator. It must be noted that all studios are operating independently of each other and any known cases will first be addressed at the studio level.
  • Teachers will be required to immediately report any COVID related incidences within their studio to the ORT (including an Outbreak Report Form) who will immediately report the information to the Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (ESU) and Child Care Regulation programme (CCRP).
  • Tracking will be done to insure there are no other links to other studios.
  • If a teacher or child test positive for COVID-19 the related studio will close and continue operate online (if the teacher is able) until it is deemed safe to return by the ESU. All parents and students related to the studio will be informed.
  • The studio room in question will be disinfected as per the Department of Health Guidelines.
  • If positive COVID cases arise in two or more studios the school building will close and all classes will return online lessons until the ESU determine it is safe to return to the building for in person lessons.