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Steel Pan Lessons

Taught by Kent Hayward, the steel pan (also known as steel drums, pans, or collectively as a steel band) is a musical instrument and a form of music originating in Trinidad and Tobago after World War II. It is the only acoustic musical instrument invented in the 20th century. A pitched percussion instrument tuned chromatically, it is made from 55-gallon oil drums.


Today the steel pan is a widely accepted art form. The sound of the steel pan drum though strongly associated with Calypso music also lends itself to Classical, Jazz, Latin, Pop, Reggae and other musical genres.


So, challenge yourselves and be a part of this wonderful musical experience! Join our Steel Band today!

Steel Pan Faculty:

Kent Hayward



Programme Details:

Min. Age: 10


Adult Lessons: Available


Class Length: 90 minutes (twice per week)


Class Times Available: Limited


Materials Needed: An open mind


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