The Bermuda School of Music offers instruction in a wide range of programmes for children and adults. There are also classes in music theory, composition, conducting and jazz studies.


Both Traditional and Suzuki instruction methods are taught. In the Suzuki method, which is available for violin, viola and cello instruction, young children (three years and older) learn to play the instrument the same way they learn a language, by imitation and repetition. Parents are an integral part of the lesson and learn with the child. With Traditional teaching, more emphasis is placed on learning to read music from the start, progressing through music exams such as Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music – UK (ABRSM) or the Royal Conservatory of Music – Canada (RCM).


In both teaching methods, students are encouraged to perform in recitals for their parents and other students, so that they become comfortable in front of an audience. They are also encouraged to attend concerts presented by members of the teaching faculty.

Our Programmes